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JDI Realty is a well-capitalized, opportunistic private equity real estate firm. With over $2B invested since 1988, JDI has built a nationwide reputation for speed, innovative structuring, execution, and professionalism.

JDI has historically focused on
three primary lines of business:


JDI seeks to acquire income-producing 

assets at discounts to replacement cost that

offer value-add opportunities through:

strategic repositioning, operational and/or leasing efficiency gains, and capital structure optimization.

We acquire assets for both our own account and in partnership with best in class sponsors as joint venture equity partners. We generally seek assets that are currently out of favor or sufficiently complicated to dissuade less determined investors.


As a complement to our acquisition activities, JDI offers a bridge financing platform, which has originated over $1.0 billion of first mortgage loans to date. Our bridge loans are generally appropriate when speed and creativity take priority over pricing. We find ways for deals to make sense that often elude conventional lenders.

JDI’s lending platform is available to real estate sponsors and mortgage brokers in the United States, Canada, and the Virgin Islands. JDI originates all loans through pre-existing funds, meaning we are not a broker but the lender itself. As a direct lender, we actively seek and protect introducing mortgage brokers.

Our typical financing transactions fund within two to three weeks from introduction to closing. In certain instances, that period has been compressed to as few as five business days.


Our experience as a lender allows us to actively acquire both performing and non-performing real estate secured debt as opportunities and market conditions allow. JDI purchases both individual loans and entire portfolios and uses its loan management and special servicing expertise to maximize recovery rates. Since 2009, JDI has acquired loans and portfolios with over $850 million of principal balance. 

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