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JDI Realty is an active bridge lender providing debt secured by real estate assets. Our lending platform is built on the principles of (i) understanding the nuances of each loan and (ii) speed of execution. Unlike traditional lenders and large debt funds, we recognize that each lending opportunity is unique. We do not have a standard list of "boxes to check" prior to issuing loan terms and take both a qualitative and quantitative approach to loan underwriting. Furthermore, as real estate investors, we have extensive experience in structuring complicated loans in every asset class. We can issue loan terms day of the request and our typical loans fund within two weeks of an executed term sheet.

While each loan opportunity is evaluated on its own, our basic loan terms are as follows:

  • MINIMUM LOAN AMOUNT: $2.0 million

  • INTEREST RATE: 11.0%+

  • SECURITY: First Priority Lien

  • LOAN TERM: 1-3 Years

  • FUNDING: Within Two Weeks of Term Sheet Execution on Average

Please do not hesitate to contact us about lending opportunities.

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